We are a bespoke design studio, offering turnkey solutions in graphic design, web design & development, social media content creation, branding, animation, 3D rendering and interior design. Designing holistic brand experiences and developing brands stories, both with you and for you.



Founder | 3D Artist &
Content Creator

A 3D wizard, Jarryd has more than 6+ years in the animation industry from gaming to Oscar nominated animation movies all the way to big budget marketing campaigns. He’s done it all! Although he tends to have a soft spot for character design and product design, he offers a crazy mix of technical and artistic skills. Did we mention he is also our product photographer?


Founder | Web Designer
& Developer

Stacey offers quite the skill set, which ranges from a qualification in interior design, extensive experience in retail visual merchandising and a love for fine art. Her journey has led her into graphic design, web design and even web development. A natural born artist who has an insatiable thirst for knowledge, she believes that one should never stop learning or creating.


Founder | Senior
Graphic Design

During his 10+ years’ experience in the advertising industry as a Graphic Designer, Ant has built a stellar reputation for his meticulous attention to detail, world-class design skills, leadership and fun personality. Ant has worked on a variety of premium brands through some of South Africa’s largest advertising agencies. He is a perfectionist and takes utmost pride in his craft.

our philosophy

“Love what you do, and you will never have to work a day in your life”.

It may be cheesy, but it is very much at the heart of our philosophy at Odyssey. Passion, care and craft are some of our core values and we do everything with all of this in mind. We aim to design with authenticity while building the lives of our dreams in our own personal space. We also stand by the fact that we do not have employees, staff or any sort of traditional corporate structure. We work remotely, from wherever we choose to, whenever we choose to. Our team choose to work with us, which attracts the top talent, avant-garde artists who love their craft as much as we love ours. We rebel against the ordinary, because we are the future. When you are able to pursue your craft with freedom, with time constraints of your own, you are able to ultimately produce to the best of your ability. This, is the formula to our success and to our production of world-class, bespoke design.


SMC is a Creative Digital Agency comprised of passionate doers, offering a holistic marketing solution specialising in digital campaigns, paid advertising, graphic design, photography, web development and brand strategy.

CEO & Creative Director, Daniel Navarro, has always had an interest in growing within the food & beverage industry in South Africa. “I have always been a foodie, and through this appetite for business, I noticed a gap in the market for small to medium-sized businesses in the food & beverage industry.”

By designing world-class Ad campaigns and creating highly targeted audiences through critical data analyses, and implementing ROI focused digital campaigns, SMC has developed a sound reputation in the digital space in South Africa.

“Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication” – Leonardo Da Vinci

Style By Design Interiors is a full turnkey firm specialising in high end residential and commercial projects. With high standards and the use of top quality materials and finishes, SBD is fast becoming known for bespoke interior design. Shalyn Coleman, a Johannesburg based designer and entrepreneur leads the brand with her creative and classy visions.

The mission of Style By Design Interiors is to create interiors that are timeless, sophisticated and functional.